Our Pricing

We know how confusing it is trying to figure out what style of wedding stationery is best for you, your special day and your budget.

That’s why at Yorkshire Wedding Invites and Engraving Ltd we believe that in order to help you to make the right buying decision, our prices must be explained in some detail.

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First of all, we believe in transparent pricing – that’s why you’ll find all our prices listed in our shop with a load of helpful information on our website. Easy to view and download, or even print off if you will – think of it as a simple keepsake of your Stationery dreams 😍


Our invitations start at £1.75 and increase in price depending upon the design choses, materials used and the finishing.

Wedding Favours

We offer a range of wedding favours ranging from scratch card holders at £1.00 each, wax melt hearts for £2.50 each and engraved glasses or coasters from £4.50 each.

Guestbooks, Jigsaw Frames, Heart Drop Frames

Guestbooks start at £24.99, Jigsaw frames from £59.99, Heart drop frames from £65.99

Wooden Engraved Signs and Table Plans

Our beautifully engraved table plans and signs start at £85.99 for A3 size, sizes available up to 900 x 600 mm 

Table Plans and Table Plan Cards

Table plans and table plan cards start at £65.00 depending upon the number of tables, the design chosen.

Place Cards / Name Cards

Place name cards start at £1.00 each printed in your choice of font and made using your wedding colours 

What Do You Get For Your Money

Hand Crafted

All wedding stationery from Yorkshire Wedding Invites is designed and hand crafted by our small family run team. Because everything is made in house we have complete control over every element of the production. From hand selecting the first piece of card used, right up to fixing the last ribbon or embellishment.

Regardless of if it is an order for 200 elegant luxury boxed wedding invitations or a small order of menus and placecards our process and standards remain the same. We have a small team of crafters who take pride in their workmanship and spend their days honing their craft by generating the most incredible creations.



Above & Beyond Customer Service

Lets face it every company claims they offer the best customer service in the world, but we didn’t want to make a pathetic meaningless claim like this.

We want to tell you exactly why our customer service is above and beyond. In 2020 when we were entering lockdown we joined the Entrepreneurs Circle to give us a new focus and learn more about how we can help our customers. As part of this we embarked on an amazing journey of They Ask, You Answer formed by an amazing entrepreneur Marcus Sheridan. 

The emphasis of this is to simply answer the questions our customers have, particularly the uncomfortable questions most businesses are to scared to answer.  The Big 5 Questions:

  • Cost
  • Price
  • Comparison & Reviews
  • Best Of’
  • And of Course, Problems

In this day and age of the internet it only takes a matter of seconds for anyone to find out details about a business, so why try and hide them? We believe it is better to be honest and transparent to our potential customers, we tell you EVERYTHING, TRUTHFULLY AND IMPARTIAL.

And let’s be honest – it’s all for our own gain. Why wouldn’t we make things as easy as possible for our customers? This is just part of our improvements to our customer journey to ensure your experience is perfect no matter where or how you contact us.

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Personalised wedding invitation design

Our Ordering and Production Process

  • Book Consultation – face to face, zoom, email or social media
    -We get to know you and you get to know us, we find out how you envisage your special day
    -We discuss designs and talk through all of the options for your chosen design with choices of colours, ribbons and card colours and types, using our extensive swatch samples packs.
  • we create a detailed quote for you to mull over. Our quotes are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated.
  • We add you to our Purpose built CRM system where you will receive your own client portal zone where all relevant forms, quotes, terms & conditions and contracts
  • If you decide to book your stationery with us we require a 50% booking fee to secure your production slot. Don’t panic if you do not have all of your wedding details ready at the time of booking, so long as you have your wedding date booked.
  • We send you the information gathering forms 4 weeks prior to your production slot.
  • We will send you an invoice for the remaining balance
  • On receipt of your information we will make an electronic PDF wording sample for you to view and check all details.
  • We will begin production of your stationery, keeping you fully informed through out. If you require a physical sample before we begin production please book this when placing your order.
  • Once completed we will notify you and send you a lovely photo of your beautiful stationery before lovingly and carefully packing your order for you to collect or to be dispatched with our reliable couriers fully trackable.
  • You receive your stationery, do a little dance and jump with joy because you love your order so much!!
  • If you have ordered a full package or invitations and on the day stationery the table plans, place cards etc will be produced within 2 weeks of your wedding date. Again you will always receive electronic PDF samples of your items for you to look over before production.

 After I Receive My Order

So you have received your wedding stationery, hopefully your doing a ‘happy dance’!! Firstly we’d like to say a huge thank you for your order, It really means a lot to our small business in these challenging times. We really hope you’re happy with your order, we would be delighted to receive your feedback, but only if you have a few moments to spare. If you are as delighted with your order as we were making it we would be delighted for a review on Google or facebook.

If there is however anything you are unhappy with please do feel free to contact us so we can try and rectify this for you.

So that’s the end right??


We don’t just stop there we stay in touch, we love to hear how your wedding went, especially when we get to see the amazing photos of your special day. If you are happy to share your photos on our social media pages that would be amazing.

We offer you a discount on a beautifully crafted personalised memory frame consisting of aspects of your big day, we could include RSVP returns so you know who came, photos, a copy of your invitations, if you have any of your flowers that can be dry pressed, table scatterers, any other little items that made your special day even more special.

Still not the end!

We even keep you on record and send you and your partner a little reminder (just in case one of you need it ha ha) coming up to your anniversary, Along with the gentle reminders we also send you a few simple ideas for anniversary gifts/personalised gifts. Or what about a handmaade card for your wife/husband, the beauty of this is that we can include something that is specific to you and your spouse, photos, special venues, colours, flowers or animals etc.


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    Where Does My Money Go?

    So far we have demonstrated that we are being transparent with you, laying our cards on the table, explaining about our pricing, services and what goes in to all of our products, all of our services no matter how big or small the order. But you may still be asking yourself ‘what I’m really paying for? What factors impact the price?’

    So ladies and gents, we did say our cards were laid on the table…


    Materials are our greatest expense each month, can we reduce those costs? yes we can, but we believe in only using the best materials and as such we do not compromise. You will need to make a decision, do you want the absolute cheapest products (if this is the case we may not be the right fit for you) or would you prefer the quality you deserve (in which case we may be right for you)? 

    We try to source as many of our materials as possible from within the UK, in fact our largest 5 suppliers are UK based manufacturers. As this section is about prices, materials alone equate to around 60% of our monthly outgoings with sheets of card costing anything from £0.67 to £2.89 per sheet of specialist card.

    Wooden invites and products are all made using FSC approved suppliers ensuring the wood comes from only forests that are responsibly managed or from local natural fallen trees.

    We do often get asked what happens to all of our off cuts of card and paper, well I am sure you will be pleased to know we don’t send them to landfill!! We take our environmental impact very seriously, usable off cuts are donated to several other craft groups, girl guides of others running card making sessions within the community. The remaining off cuts and scraps of paper and card that are to small to realistically be used by anyone are sent to be recycled.

    We take the environment and conservation very seriously as such we have pledged to plant a minimum of one tree every month (when possible more than one) to help reduce our carbon footprint, help grow green spaces and help nature along the way.


    Our Vision, Our Mission and Our Design

    To create beautiful and memorable wedding stationery using the most incredible embellishments and papers to create bespoke designs that people have never seen before, that will be talked about and remembered for years to come.

    Our customers are usually looking to stand out from the crowd, they want to wow their guests and create a wedding like no other, our bespoke service, creativity and keen eye for detail allow us to provide this for them.

    We are a leader within the wedding industry and feel it is our responsibility to ensure potential customers/clients are provided with as much knowledge and information as possible to help them within their wedding planning and any buying decisions

    Our determination to make Yorkshire Wedding Invites the best handmade stationery supplier in the UK is part of our passion. Our love for crafts and our passion to exceed customers expectations really drives us to be the best we possible can be. We all have an amazing eye for design, in our own individual ways which allows for a huge variety of products and creations.

    Our Team

    The business was first established in 2004 by our founder Steph, as she became busier and busier she required a little help so that is how I started working in the business (I was forced in to crafting, honest)!

    In 2015 we took a huge step and opened our first bricks and mortar shop, the only bricks and mortar dedicated wedding stationery shop in the UK. In this time we took another massive jump of faith and decided to purchase our own laser engraving machine, which gave us a completely new and previous unthought about mountain of possibilities. With this fantastic new addition we were able to produce amazing products offering personalised gifts along with our wedding stationery. 

    In January 2020 we moved in to a new purpose built shop, much larger, all on one level and no damp!! The business was really taking off and we were looking at employing other members of staff to help. Unfortunately COVID hit and a number of lockdowns which certainly took their tole on our business. BUT WE GOT THROUGH IT!! The lockdowns gave us time to concentrate on improving the business and we now believe the business and the service we provide is the best it has been since opening our doors.

    In 2022 demand for weddings had picked back up after COVID and we were again looking for help, We now have Laura who helps with general stationery construction but also runs the celebration cake and wedding cake side of things, Dylan our son who helps in the holidays and 2 other helpers who refuse to let me mention them on here!!

    Things That Are Beyond Our Control

    There are of course a multitude of external factors that can influence price. However, over the past 8 years or so, we have managed to incorporate the majority oft fluctuations in price into our annual price review. Things like the cost of materials, labour/cost of living and more all play a big part in our pricing.Each year our annual price review usually works out around a 5% price increase on most products. Of course where we don’t need to increase prices we don’t. 

    There have been some factors that I think we can all agree we weren’t expecting from 2020-2021 and beyond which I think made a significant impact on all businesses. Things like the COVID lockdowns meant no weddings were taking place and all weddings were postponed. Although there was nothing we could do about this we did find that our continued contact with couples who were booked in with us made a huge difference. Couples felt reassured that we were here and able to help them making changes etc, we even became telephone counselors for some couples, which we were more than happy about. Communication was undoubtable the key! 

    Although we do our very best to ensure supply issues are minimised it does occasionally happen as such if your order is on a strict timeline it may be necessary to source materials from other companies which may also affect pricing. 

    We do our best to dispatch orders through reliable courier services (samples and small packets through Royal Mail), unfortunately from time to time there can be delays and very rarely thankfully lost or damaged items. Please note we are unable to prevent workforces taking strike action which may also lead to a delay in you receiving your order.

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