The Sweetest Interview with Sam Haith from Fantastical Fruits, balloons and Gifts

The Sweetest Interview with Sam Haith from Fantastical Fruits and Gifts

Welcome to a delightful world of creativity and delectable treats! Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing the talented Sam Haith, the mastermind behind Fantastical Fruits balloons and Gifts. Join us as we delve into the colorful and enchanting world of wedding balloonists and chocolate fountains.

Q1: What types of balloons do you offer for wedding events, and can you provide samples or photos of your previous work?

A: “We offer a wide variety of wedding balloons, and we’re all about making your big day a little extra special and unique! From traditional Mr. and Mrs. balloons to quirky novelty shapes, we’ve got it all. To ensure we create exactly what you envision, we always ask our customers to show us images of what they love. Inspiration is the key to an enchanting balloon display!”

Q2: Can you customise balloon arrangements to match our wedding theme and colors? Are there any additional charges for customisation?

A: “Absolutely! Your wedding theme and colors are vital elements of the event, and we want to complement them perfectly. We work closely with you to match your vision, whether it’s an explosion of vibrant hues or a chic monochrome affair. As for additional charges, they only come into play if you opt for extra embellishments like florals or foliage. Trust us, these add-ons can turn any display into something truly magical!”

Q2a: What is your balloon design style, and can you create a custom design based on our preferences?

A: “Our style is a mix of creativity and elegance. We strive to bring your ideas to life and love the challenge of creating something new. If you have a unique design in mind, just send us a picture, and we’ll be honest about whether we can achieve it. I recently had a customer ask for a military soldier balloon, and though I hadn’t done it before, I practiced and nailed it! So, don’t hesitate to dream big – we’ll do our best to make it happen!”

Q2b: Can you work within our budget, and what cost-saving options do you offer?

A: “Of course! We understand that weddings can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean your dream balloon display is out of reach. We’re experts at working within budgets, and we always have some clever tricks up our sleeves. For example, opting for air-filled designs instead of helium can save you some pennies, especially when helium prices are on the rise. So, no worries – we’ve got creative solutions that won’t break the bank!”

Q3: What sizes and shapes of chocolate fountains do you have available? How many guests can each fountain accommodate?

A: “Let’s talk chocolate! We have one magnificent chocolate fountain that’s a showstopper at any event. It’s perfect for weddings and can easily indulge up to 120 guests. We use only the finest Belgian chocolate that’s so velvety and rich, it’ll leave your guests swooning!

Q4: What types of chocolate do you use for the fountain? Can we choose different chocolate flavors or varieties?

A: “Our most popular choice is the ever-scrumptious milk chocolate – it’s a crowd-pleaser! While we can add some color to the white chocolate, it’s not quite as popular. But rest assured, our milk chocolate is divine enough to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. Oh, and for those with fruit cravings, we do have fruit on the chocolate fountains, though we don’t offer gluten-free options at the moment.”

Q4b: Do you cater for allergies?

A: “While we don’t have gluten-free options on the fountain, we always prioritise the safety and well-being of our guests. So, if you have any specific allergies or dietary requirements, just let us know, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.”

Q5: Do you provide a professional attendant to operate the chocolate fountain and ensure it runs smoothly throughout the event?

A: “Absolutely! We take our chocolate fountains very seriously, and that’s why we have not one but two enthusiastic attendants at nearly every job. We like to call ourselves the ‘double dipping police,’ making sure no one commits the heinous crime of double-dipping their skewers. With our watchful eyes and delectable chocolate, your fountain experience will be nothing short of perfection!”

Q6: What is the setup process for both the balloons and the chocolate fountain? How much time will you need to set up before the wedding?

A: “We believe in smooth sailing and timely setups! For large balloon displays, we usually require a couple of hours, especially if we need to prep some balloons beforehand. As for the chocolate fountain, we like to be there an hour before the scheduled start time. Punctuality and perfection go hand in hand!”

Q7: Are there any additional services or decor options you provide along with the balloons and chocolate fountain? (e.g., balloon arches, lighting, themed decorations)

A: “Oh, we provide everything delightful! Along with our enchanting balloons and heavenly chocolate fountain, we offer a magical assortment of decor options. Picture this: mesmerising balloon arches, captivating backdrops, fabulous balloon walls, whimsical balloon tunnels, and light-up arches that add a touch of sparkle. We also have themed balloons for birthdays and splendid light-up numbers for those milestone celebrations. If it’s marvelous, it’s in our repertoire!”

…Oh, the sweet surprises just keep coming! Sam also says she has more delightful treats up her sleeve. Alongside her mesmerising balloon displays and heavenly chocolate fountains, she also offers an enchanting addition to your arrival drinks – chocolate-dipped strawberries! Picture this: plump, juicy strawberries dipped in velvety smooth Belgian chocolate, adding a touch of luxury to the first sips of celebration. It’s the perfect way to welcome your guests to a day filled with joy and indulgence. With Sam’s creative touch, your wedding will be a deliciously unforgettable experience from start to finish!

……..But wait, there’s more! The delectable delights don’t stop with the chocolate-dipped strawberries. Sam Haith is a true culinary artist, and she has some sensational additions to her chocolate fountains that will leave your guests in awe. Indulge in the freshest, ripest, and juiciest fruit tables, beautifully arranged with an array of tempting fruits that will make your taste buds dance with delight. And if that’s not enough, brace yourself for the showstopper – the fruit trees! Yes, you heard that right. Sam’s fruit trees are not only a feast for the eyes but a real talking point among your guests. Picture elegant, towering trees adorned with luscious fruits, creating a magical and Instagram-worthy display. With Sam’s incredible creations, your wedding will be an extraordinary experience that satisfies all the senses!

Q8: Do you have any packages or bundles that include both the balloons and chocolate fountain? Are there any discounts for booking multiple services?

A: “You bet! We adore happy couples, and to make you even happier, we have delightful packages that combine the best of both worlds – mesmerising balloons and a cascading chocolate fountain! The more services you book with us, the more we’ll sweeten the deal with tempting discounts. Who knew arranging a wedding could be this much fun!”

Q9: Can you provide references or testimonials from previous wedding clients who have used your balloon and chocolate fountain services?

A: “We take immense pride in the joy we bring to our clients, and their love for our services speaks volumes. You can find heartwarming reviews on our Facebook page from couples who have celebrated their special day with us. We know that sometimes life gets busy, and reviews can slip through the cracks, but rest assured, we have many delighted customers!”

Q10: What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy in case of unforeseen circumstances or changes in our wedding plans?

A: “Life is full of surprises, and we totally understand that. If your wedding date decides to do a little dance and change its mind, we’ll happily reschedule to your new date, provided it’s available. In case of cancellation, we have a non-refundable booking fee, but here’s the good news – if we manage to book the date with another celebration of love, we’ll refund the fee as a gesture of goodwill. We’re here to spread happiness, not woes!”

**Q11: Will you be available on the wedding day to oversee the setup and breakdown of the arrangements?**

A: “Most of the time, you’ll find me personally overseeing the setups because I believe in putting a little extra effort into every moment. But, just in case I’m not available, fear not! I have a team of incredibly reliable and talented individuals who know the ins and outs of creating remarkable setups. We’re all committed to ensuring your big day is nothing short of extraordinary!”

Q12: Can you work with our wedding venue to ensure that the arrangements are compatible with the space?

A: “Absolutely! When it comes to making balloon dreams and chocolate fantasies come true, we believe communication is key. We always reach out to the wedding venue to coordinate every detail, ensuring we have the perfect table for the chocolate fountain and ample space for our balloons. Though, I must admit, they never seem to have a table ready for us – but hey, we’re quick on our feet!”

Q13: Do you have any other advice or tips for wedding couples when looking to book a supplier like yourself?

A: “Ah, the final words of wisdom! I always recommend booking local suppliers who truly understand the magic of your special day. And, don’t forget to ask for recommendations from people you trust – word of mouth is a magical way to find the most delightful services. We, at Fantastical Fruits and Gifts, only recommend suppliers that we would choose for our own celebrations, because your happiness is our ultimate mission!”

And there you have it – a delightful interview with the one and only Sam Haith from Fantastical Fruits and Gifts. If you’re looking to add a touch of creativity and deliciousness to your wedding with enchanting balloons and a chocolate fountain that will leave your guests swooning, then Sam is your perfect choice! Remember, when it comes to making your big day unforgettable, it’s all about the fantastic and the fun! Happy wedding planning!

PS. If you see her at a wedding fayre don’t eat the dipped strawberries…

…they are for us to pinch, particularly the stunningly decorated bride and groom dipped strawberries, yum yum yum, hands off them!!