A Complete Guide to RSVP Timing: Your Wedding Stationery’s Unsung Hero

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Guide to RSVP

Weddings are magical, but let’s face it—they also require meticulous planning. One frequently overlooked but vital component is the RSVP timing. Your RSVP date is more than just a deadline; it’s a domino that sets off a chain of other crucial tasks. So, how do you pick the perfect date? Well, you’re in the right place to find out!

Why is the RSVP Date Important?

The RSVP date isn’t just a formality. It’s your master key to unlock seating arrangements, finalise meal choices, and much more. With almost 20 years in the wedding industry, we know first hand how important this date is. But don’t just take our word for it—let’s break it down.

Why Trust Your Stationer’s Advice

Your wedding stationer isn’t just a paper guru. They’re more like an unsung wedding planner with expertise that extends beyond the card stock. Often, your stationer is a treasure trove of experience in how to effectively chase down those last-minute RSVP stragglers and how to strategise the entire stationery order to suit your wedding timeline.

Optimal RSVP Date Timing

Thinking of setting the RSVP date a month before your big day? You might want to rethink that strategy. Ideally, set the deadline for 3-5 months in advance. Why so early? Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Chasing Stragglers: It might take you at least a week to chase down the guests who haven’t RSVP’d on time.
  2. Seating Plan: Drafting the perfect seating plan is a jigsaw puzzle that could take another week or more.
  3. Venue and Catering: Many venues require the final headcount and meal choices at least two months in advance.

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Red Flags and Troubleshooting

So, what happens if you’re two months out and Aunt Maud still hasn’t told you whether she’s coming? Don’t panic. Having a buffer allows you to:

  1. Send a Gentle Reminder: A polite nudge often does the trick.
  2. Re-Invite: If someone can’t make it, you have time to invite another loved one.
  3. Adapt and Overcome: Use this time wisely to readjust your plans accordingly.


Choosing the right RSVP date may seem like a minor detail, but it’s a linchpin that holds multiple elements of your wedding together. Plan it wisely and the rest of your preparations become a whole lot smoother.

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