Chantal’s Perfect Day Florist: Where Blooms and Laughter Blossom Together!

Title: Chantal’s Perfect Day Florist: Where Blooms and Laughter Blossom Together!

Weddings are special, and every couple wants their big day to be perfect in every way. From the stunning venue to the delectable cake, every detail matters. And when it comes to adding that touch of natural beauty and elegance, Chantal from Perfect Day Florist is the go-to person. With over 34 years of experience (yes, she’s got a few stories to tell), Chantal has mastered the art of wedding floral design while maintaining her quirky sense of humor. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with her for an interview, and boy, did she have us in stitches! So, buckle up and get ready for a floral adventure filled with laughter and petals.

  1. Experience and Examples:
    When we asked Chantal about her experience in wedding floral design, her response was nothing short of hilarious. “I’ve been doing wedding floristry for over 34 years now. (I’m old),” she chuckled. But age doesn’t define expertise, and Chantal’s work spoke volumes. From traditional bouquets to extravagant floral installations, she presented us with an extensive portfolio showcasing her diverse range of designs. We were blown away!
  2. Floral Design Style and Customisation:
    Chantal’s floral design style is a beautiful blend of creativity and customisation. “I always ask the bride and groom to send ideas over to me or pop into the shop for an informal chat regarding their requirements,” she explained. Chantal believes that understanding the couple’s theme, style, venue, and budget is crucial for creating the perfect arrangements. “If it’s something out of the ordinary, I will make a sample up for them,” she added, showcasing her dedication to bringing unique visions to life.
  3. Working within Budget:
    Weddings can be expensive, but fear not, Chantal has a magic touch when it comes to working within your budget. “I always give them two prices and explain if anything is in season or suggest different alternatives,” she shared. With her knowledge of seasonal flowers and cost-saving options, Chantal ensures that your floral dreams don’t become a financial nightmare.
  4. Seasonal Recommendations:
    When it comes to floral recommendations, Chantal is a walking encyclopedia of blooms. “I need to know as much information about their theme, venue, style, and budget,” she emphasized. Chantal loves suggesting flowers that fit the couple’s theme and budget, taking into consideration the season and the overall aesthetics. Her expertise in this area is simply blooming fantastic!
  5. Mock-ups and Flexibility:
    Chantal understands the importance of visualizing your floral arrangements before the big day. “If I haven’t been to the venue before, I will go and meet with the couple to see what they would like,” she assured us. This hands-on approach includes creating mock-ups and samples to ensure the couple’s satisfaction. Chantal’s flexibility and attention to detail make her a dream wedding florist.
  6. Handling Unexpected Issues:
    Wedding planning can be full of unexpected twists and turns, but Chantal is no stranger to rolling with the punches. “I always like to work with the bridal party and wedding coordinators,” she stated. Chantal’s ability to adapt and handle unexpected issues ensures a stress-free floral experience for the couple, leaving them free to enjoy their special day.
  7. On-Site Setup and Coordination:
    On the wedding day, Chantal doesn’t just disappear into the flower-filled abyss. “I will travel and go on the day to deliver flowers to the wedding party and also set up the venue,” she confirmed. Chantal’s commitment to being there personally, overseeing the setup and breakdown of floral arrangements, provides couples with peace of mind.
  8. Collaboration with Wedding Venues: Chantal understands the importance of collaboration with wedding venues to ensure that the floral arrangements seamlessly complement the space. “Yes, I will work with your venue to make sure the floral arrangements are complimentary and will fit in the space,” she assured us with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Her ability to coordinate with venues guarantees that the floral designs enhance the overall ambiance, creating a cohesive and magical atmosphere.
  9. Additional Services and Creative Touches:
    Chantal’s passion for floral artistry goes beyond traditional arrangements. She goes above and beyond to provide additional services that make her offerings truly exceptional. “In addition to delivery and setup of the floral arrangements, I can provide additional services including decorating, consulting on color schemes and flower types for different areas, a fully customized wedding package, styling props or furniture pieces with flair,” she shared. Chantal’s dedication to creativity and attention to detail make her services a one-stop-shop for all your floral needs.
  10. Cancellation Policy and Contract Changes:
    As much as we would love everything to go as planned, sometimes life throws unexpected curveballs. When it comes to cancellations or changes to the contract, Chantal has a fair and transparent policy. “I ask for a small deposit of £50, then the balance is due two weeks before their wedding date,” she explained. This straightforward approach allows couples the flexibility they need while ensuring that Chantal’s time and efforts are valued.

Conclusion: After spending time with Chantal from Perfect Day Florist, it’s clear that her experience, passion, and delightful sense of humor make her the perfect choice for any couple seeking a wedding florist. Her dedication to understanding the couple’s vision, working within their budget, and creating stunning floral arrangements is unmatched. From the initial consultation to the setup and breakdown on the wedding day, Chantal ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for every couple.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a floral adventure filled with laughter, creativity, and blooms that will take your breath away, look no further than Chantal’s Perfect Day Florist. With her years of experience, expertise, and knack for making your floral dreams come true, she’s the florist who will add that perfect touch of beauty to your special day. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed when you see your wedding venue transformed into a floral wonderland crafted by Chantal’s capable and whimsical hands. check out her website here.