How to Plan a Wedding: A Step-by-Step Guide | Yorkshire Wedding Invites

Learn all you need to know about planning your perfect wedding with our comprehensive guide. From setting a budget and choosing your style, to sending save the dates and finding your venue, we cover it all!

Plan the Perfect Wedding with this Step-By-Step Guide
Blog Introduction: Planning a wedding is an exciting and overwhelming process that can seem daunting if you don’t know where to start. It’s important to take it step by step and cover each aspect of the wedding planning, from setting a budget to choosing your wedding style. This guide will provide information on how to plan the perfect wedding, no matter what your budget or preferences are.

Set a Budget (and Stick to It!)
Before you get started with any other aspects of your wedding planning, it is essential to set a realistic budget for yourself. Think about what you can truly afford and make sure that each purchase is within that budget. Weddings often cost more than expected so it’s important to stay mindful of what you are spending throughout the planning process.

Discuss Your Priorities
Once you have established your budget, think about what is most important for your special day. Do you want having everyone at the wedding? Live music? An elaborate flower arch? There are many things to consider when planning a wedding, so make sure you prioritize what matters most!

Get Organised
When it comes time to get organised, create a timeline for yourself and stick to it. Make sure all tasks are completed in advance so there won’t be any last minute stress or unforeseen problems on the big day itself. Being organised also involves staying on top of all emails from vendors, tracking payments made so far, and creating a checklist for all tasks that need completion leading up to the big day.

Research Wedding Styles
Once everything is in order, research wedding styles that appeal most to you as well as the different types of decor and flowers available depending on the season and theme of your event. You can find inspiration anywhere; whether it be Pinterest boards or bridal magazines! Make sure you look around before deciding anything too quickly as there are lots of options available out there! Choose Your Wedding Style After researching different styles, choose one that resonates best with you and fits in with your vision for the big day! Whether it be rustic chic or classic elegance – pick something that reflects who you both are as a couple and makes the event feel special without breaking the bank! Make a Wedding Planning Checklist Now that everything is starting to come together – create an organised checklist of all tasks that need completion leading up to the event date! Keep track of payments made throughout this process as well as emails exchanged with vendors so nothing slips through cracks during this hectic yet exciting time!

Find Your Perfect Venue

Next step involves finding venue both happy with – keep mind certain venues require booking far advance depending type availability they offer so make sure start searching early prevent disappointment later down line! When looking into potential venues pay attention factors such size capacity location cost amenities offered ensure maximum satisfaction once booked ! Also research catering companies work closely chosen venue ensure food will fit perfectly into overall vision have mind ! If you are close to Doncaster why not take a look at Mount Pleasant for your venue?

Set a Date

After picking out your dream venue – decide on an ideal date for your special occasion! If possible – try not to plan too close together but leave enough time between now and then for all tasks related to event planning such as ordering flowers/decorations/stationery etc – this way nothing feels rushed nor missed during this process! Make a Wedding Guest List Once everything else has been figured out – make sure not forget about creating guest list which includes family members/friends/acquaintances etc whom would like invite celebrate this momentous occasion alongside them! Avoid leaving anyone out by double checking final list before sending save dates/invitations etc which leads me onto my next point…

Wooden Engraved Save the Dates Heart Calendar

Send Your Save The Dates

Finally after weighing through numerous options finally decided upon date finalized arrangements have been made guests have been invited time send save dates continue inform those attending even closer time what expect come actual day ! Again double check details such address times other instructions included save dates avoid confusion later down line ! Check out our Save the dates here.


Planning a perfect wedding takes careful consideration but doesn’t have be stressful if do proper research set realistic goals create detailed timeline stick them ! No matter budget may – enjoy every part experience making memories last lifetime ! Follow above steps help stay organized productive throughout entire process lead happily ever after 🙂 ! Good luck future brides & grooms !!