What Every Wedding Invitation Should Include

Wedding invitation wording

Introduction: When planning a wedding, it’s important to make sure all of the details are included in the invitation. From the date and time to who is getting married, there is a lot to consider when creating an invitation that will capture your guests’ attention. Read on for a comprehensive list of what should be included in wedding invitations.

Date & Time – The most important information to include on your invitation is the date and time of the event. Make sure you include both the start and end time of the ceremony and reception, if applicable. Additionally, make sure you specify whether you are using military or civilian time (e.g., 6:00 p.m. instead of 18:00).

Venue – You should also include the address of where your wedding will take place. If there are multiple locations for different parts of your wedding day (ceremony, reception, etc.), be sure to list those as well. Include directions if necessary so that your guests can find their way without any hassles or confusion.

Names – Make sure you list who is getting married as well as who is officially inviting guests to the event (traditionally this will be either just one set of parents or both sets although many more couples are inviting the guests themselves). This can be done with something along the lines of “Mr. & Mrs John Smith request the pleasure of your company at…” followed by a brief description of what will take place at each location if applicable (i.e., ceremony 3pm, cocktail hour at 6pm, dinner/dancing starting at 7pm).

Reception Details – If you’re having a reception after your ceremony, it’s important to include details about what will happen during this portion of your day such as dinner service times, dancing hours and any other activities you may have planned (such as speeches, cake cutting ceremonies etc.). You should also indicate whether children are invited or not and mention if there is an evening reception taking place after dinner/dancing has ended so that everyone knows what to expect throughout the course of your big day!

Accommodations Options – Even if you don’t plan on hosting out-of-town guests at an area hotel or Airbnb while they’re in town for your special occasion, it’s still important to provide them with some contact information for nearby accommodation options just in case they need someplace close by where they can stay overnight before heading home again afterwards—it’s always good manners!

Gift Poem or Gift List – If you’d like to encourage gifts but don’t want people bringing traditional presents like silverware sets or china dishes then why not include a gift poem instead? A gift poem gives guests ideas about alternative gifts such as contributions towards honeymoon expenses or donations made in lieu of physical presents that would otherwise crowd up their own homes too much! If you do decide on including a gift list then make sure it’s clear which stores it applies too and also provide instructions about how they should go about sending items directly from those stores online instead so that everything arrives safely before their big day arrives!

Menu – Everyone loves food so why not tantalise them with descriptions about what they’ll get served up when they arrive? Include detailed descriptions about each dish being served along with information about dietary restrictions/allergies being catered for during meal service too—this way everyone knows exactly what type(s) of food they’re going to get served up when they arrive which means no nasty surprises later on down the line!

RSVP – Be sure that everyone knows when/how they should RSVP back with their attendance confirmation so that you know exactly how many people are coming along and can adjust accordingly if necessary! It’s always good manners too! Remember to couple this with your menu if you are offering options also allow guests room to state if they have any dietary requirements.

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Dress Code – If there is going to be any kind of dress code enforced throughout the duration of your special occasion then make this clear within your invitations so that all invitees know exactly what type(s) clothing/accessories should be worn beforehand—this helps avoid any last minute scrambling around trying desperately trying to find something suitable just prior too arriving onsite which could potentially spoil someone else’s enjoyment throughout proceedings due solely down too being unprepared!

Additional Important Information – Lastly but by no means least; make sure everyone knows anything else which might affect their experience throughout proceedings such as restricted parking areas nearby hotels offering shuttle services directly from those parking areas into venues themselves etcetera—anything which could potentially improve someone else’s experience throughout proceedings should always be mentioned within these invites so that no one gets left behind whilst others enjoy themselves fully elsewhere!

Conclusion: Planning a wedding requires attention to detail and making sure every aspect comes together perfectly —even down to creating beautiful invitations with all relevant information included therein. By considering all aspects outlined above —date & time; venue; names; reception details; accommodations options; gift poem/list; menu; RSVP; dress code; additional important info —you’ll have everything covered when it comes time for sending out invites so that nothing gets left behind nor forgotten altogether leaving only happy memories long afterwards once everything has passed off successfully afterwards!

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